Clumping Bamboo

Clumping Bamboo are non invasive and cannot self propagate beyond their clump. 

Clumping bamboos make ideal low maintenance hedges or tall windbreaks, and are perfect for control of creek bank erosion or soil erosion without fear of invasive roots.

Plus many will provide you with quality edible shoots and create wonderful sound and dust barriers.

Clumping Bamboo

Chinese Dwarf (Bambusa Guagxiensis)

Height 4m x 1.5-2m This is a great for hedging and can achieve a privacy hedge in less than 18 months. It has large green leaves which provides a more tropical feel instead of a normal hedge. Beacuse of its tufting habit with its foliage, it does not naturally show the culms. It is also a great option for pots or troughs. When planting into the ground allow 1.5m from fence line to allow for the natural clump size to grow.

Malay Dwarf Variegated

Height 3-4m x 1.5m A great hedging dense clumping bamboo which has small white and green striped leaves. It is extremely fast growing, hardy bamboo, which has uniform bushy growth. The shoots can be eaten on this variety.

Gracilis (Bambusa Textiles Gracilis)

Height 6m -8m x 1.5-2m It's uniformly upright, compact, hardy, garceful and beautiful. Also know as 'Slender Weavers Bamboo'. One of the best bamboos for hedges and privacy screens. It has striking apperance with no leaves at the base but with striking foliage at the top. This is great for growing between 2 houses where you don't have ground space available but need more screening/privacy from the top. Plant in a space of 1m wide, at 1m intervals.

Oldhamii -Edible

Height 20m A great bamboo for larger blocks and acreage. Perfectly upright, lush and fast growing. Broad leaf with a clean appearance. Drought hardy once established. It has delicious sweet edible shoots. It is perfect for windbreaks and noise barriers as well. Plant at 2+m intervals.

Timor Black

Height 10m x 2m This has beautiful chocolate brown-black shiny culms, with some thin, green striping. The bottom 1/3 or 1/4 are usually free from foliage, giving this bamboo a very tidy and clean appearance.

Points to consider when selecting and growing your bamboo;

When you select a clumping bamboo species for your particular site there are a few thing you should keep in mind.

Some clumping bamboos are more upright than others and will take up less space at the same height than others. They respond well to pruning and this can encourage more leaf and branch growth from this point /node. If you have limited yard space but yet want to create a hedge, select a relatively upright species which will not lean over the fence and be a hassel for your neighbour, such as the tall graceful Bambusa textilis Gracilis or Bambusa Oldhamii. If you have the space, try a beautiful bushy ornamental clumping species such as Bambusa guangxiensis (Chineese Dwarf Bamboo).

Identify the size that the mature clump will reach. This will vary among species and you must also keep in mind that size will vary considerably on their growing conditions. If you plant into shallow, drier, poorer soil with minimal feeding and watering, bamboo plants will be smaller and less vigorous, and so the heights and size mentioned in bamboo descriptions may never be reached. In these drought conditons the bamboo will settle in well once established. Bamboos will grow well in a ‘wet spot’ area but will definately die if planted into pernamently boggy soil.