Distorted curly new growth on leaf

Grafted Citrus Fruit Trees with distorted curly new growth on leaf. This distortion is not a deficiency but is an insect called leaf mine. if you look closely you will see a very visible trail over the leaf. Spray with Pyrethrum and neem oil when the tree is in flushes of new growth. Never spray in the middle of the day.

How do I improve my clay soil?

With alot of patience and hard work you can work with clay soil to improve its drainage and release all that locked in nutrients. 1. Apply a regular dressing of gypsium at 1kg/sq/m 2. Dig in composted matter, animal manure 3. Use sugar cane mulch / hay as a constant surface mulch 4. Its always a good thing to check your soil pH

3 Fast Growing Hedging & Screening Plants

Lily Pillies (Syzygium's) are popular due to their summer flowers, edible berry and glossy green leaves. 3 fast growing Lily Pilies include; Resiliance, Aussie Southern, Hinterland Gold

Gardening Tip

Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate. Magnesium is part of the chlorophyll molecule and vital for plants to grow. If it is missing in the soil, plants won’t grow as well, and adding magnesium to the soil will help. Epsom Salt does not build up in the soil over time, so it is very safe to use. Trees, especially if the bloom and fruit can benefit from Epsom salt by allowing more minerals to be absorbed through the roots, giving you strong healthy trees to enjoy for years to come.

Fruit not setting on Citrus fruit tree

It could be drought stress -Ensure there is even watering to your plant and that it drains away well and mulch around the base regular . Consider increasing bloom by adding nutritional elements right before bud set such as Calcium and Boron. Calcium and Boron are elements proven to aid the tree in flowering and fruit set