Climbing Plants

Climbing plants solve that ugly fence and bare wall issues, transforming your problem into

  1. a lush cascade of greenery
  2. a colorful display of flowers
  3. and some can provide months of fragrance

Compact Bougainvilleas

Full-grown height of 2m
Hybrid compact Bougainvilleas can be trained in many different ways, that doesn’t have to be wild- It can be easily tamed.

They are straightforward plants to grow. They are virtually pest and disease-free and their drought tolerance is legendary.

Plus they are available in a wide variety of colours.

Star Jasmine- Trachelospermum Jasminoides

Classic and very popular evergreen twining ground cover or wall climber or tumbling over a wall.

They often turn bronze-red in the cold weather. In late spring produces abundant clusters of sweetly fragrant star-shaped white flowers.

Orange Trumpet Creeper- Pyrostegia Venusta

Full-grown height of 3-4m
A vigorous evergreen climber, that puts on a spectacular display of brilliant orange flowers from winter to summer.
The flowers are striking when draped over a building or structure such as a carport or over an old fence.

Bower Vine /Pandorea Jasminoides ‘Charismas’

Height 1-2m

Australian native vine with luxurious dark green and yellow variegated leaves and white with maroon throated flowers. 

It is the ideal climber to decorate walls, hedges and trellises in prominent places, because the flowers are showy and the plant is evergreen.

Flowering period from summer right through to autumn

Allamanda ‘Cherry Ripe’

Height 2m

An evergreen climbing shrub with glossy green foliage

 It is fast growing, and has large, showy pink trumpet flowers in summer and autumn

It can be trained to cover fences and arbors, as a standard and it is a good container plant

Alamanda ‘Jamaican Sunset’

Height 2m

It is a very attractive fast growing climber that has glossy green leaves that are evergreen.

The large biscuit- apricot trumpet flowers appear most of the year with the best show in spring through summer.

It makes a great feature plant or a tub specimen on a verandah, against a fence or wall. It likes to be in a sunny to light shade position.

Mandevilla Sanderi ‘Red Riding Hood’

It is the beautiful flowering vine that will quickly transforming a bare surface into a visually appealing display of foliage and flowers throughout Spring and summer. It is a great climber which can also be used for hanging baskets, trained into a small shrub shape or as a trailing plant over banks. Prune after flowering to shape.