General Plants

Allamanda Sunee

Height; 0.5-1m A cold tender, dwarf, bushy, shrub. It has glossy bright green, leathery leaves and produces brilliant yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers throughout summer and autumn It’s a great drought tolerant plant Suitable for pots, small hedges, borders and specimens

Barleria obtusa 'Purple Gem'

Height 1m width 1m This is a decorative evergreen shrub with attractive colourful foliage and purple flowers all year round Gives a colourful tropical feel to the garden A great plant for massed planting, as a specimen plant, or in a container

Cape Honeysuckle Tecomaria capensis

Height 2-3m Width 2m The shape depends entirely on how you let it grow, as it can either be a shrub or vine. Flowers vary from red, orange, yellow. They are tubular in shape and bird pollinated, attracting nectar feeding birds especially sunbirds. Commonly used for screening, trimed into a hedge or trained along a treasle / fence can be grwon in semi shade to full sun

Callistemon Hannah Ray

Height 3m-4m Width 2m The large brushes are bright red A tall shrub with grey woolly foliage and weeping habit Pink new growth Honeyeaters flock to the brushes Grows and thrives in full sun

Callistemon Wilderness White

Height 2 -3m Width 1.5- 2m It has a dense, weeping habit. The flowers are a clear white in colour. The new leaf growth is light green, aging to dark green. Great as a flowering hedge. Tolerates coastal exposure. To maintain fresh appearance prune after flowering.

Callistemon Dawson River

Height 3-5m Width 3m Useful large shrub to small tree. It is an elegant weeping spreading tree with red bottlebrush flowers most prolific in spring and autumn. A great screening plant and suitable for small backyards. It produces bright scarlet bottlebrush flowers and soft grey/green slender leaves. Plant 2m apart for an informal hedge

Callistemon Candy Pink

Height 3-4m Width 3m Useful large shrub to small tree. It is an elegant weeping spreading tree with red bottlebrush flowers most prolific in spring and autumn. A great screening plant and suitable for small backyards. It produces bright scarlet bottlebrush flowers and soft grey/green slender leaves. Plant 2m apart for an informal hedge

Callistemon 'Little John'

Height 1.5m Width 1.5m Low growing shrub with narrow grey-green leaves and bright red flowers in summer-winter. Can be pruned after flowering to maintain shape and encourage new growth

Callistemon 'Pink Champagne'

Height 2 -3m Width 1.5m Beautiful soft creamy-pink bottlebrush flowers throughout most of the year cover this small shrub Prune after flowering to encourage a more compact habit A good choice for screening and hedging


These hot colours are great for providing flower colour in tropical gardens. Ixoras are one of the most colourful flowering screen and hedge plants available.- Ixora Williamsonii - Ixora Coccinea- Ixora Prince of Orange- Ixora Twilight Glow- Ixora Pirates Gold- Ixora Gold Fire-

Lacy Lady /Euodia Hortensis

Height 1-3m A medium shrub with striking long yellow green foliage Highly recommended as a clipped hedge in tropical formal themes or as a specimen

Leptospermum Cardwell

Height 2m Width 1.5m A bushy weeping shrub which becomes smothered in white flowers in spring It makes a great feature when in bloom and benefits from regular pruning The small linear leaves are intensely aromatic when crushed


Exotic looking plants with waxy feeling leaves The Croton plant comes in many shapes and colors from yellow, orange, red, green and purple-red. New leaves on the Croton plant are green and change color as the they mature Crotons are a great plant for adding color in gardens/ patios Crotons can be quite variable as a group, from compact to tall; slow to fast growing; and with some that enjoy more shade and others performing better in the sun. If a croton becomes leggy, prune it back hard at the beginning of the growing season fertilize with blood and bone

Mexican Heather/ Cuphea hyssopifolia

12 to 24 inches tall. Makes an ideal container or border plant. This shrubby, tropical annual is smothered in blooms all summer long. Plus, the flowers are attract butterflies

Melaleuca Claret Tops

Height 2m Width 1.5m A dense compact native shrub with red new growth on soft grey-green leaves, with masses of white flowers in spring Whne grown in full sun the leaves are a brighter red colour Can be clipped into hedges or topiary as a feature plant, or left wild in native gardens

Bird of Paradise Strelitzia Reginae:

Height 1.5m It is the most common Strelitzia planted, with the well known orange petals and the blue tongue The orange petals and blue flowers on long stems will bloom most of the year

Philodendron Xanadu

1mx1m Xanadu is a popular and compact plant for creating a tropical effect Planted in drifts for a massed display and also a good pot specimen in semi shaded conditions great for tropical-look gardens Annual fertilising with slow release fertiliser to keep it green

Fiddle Leaf Frangipani Plumeria Pudica

Height 3m Width 1.5m They are very easy to grow, and bloom heavily for a long time –up to 10 months of the year This Evergreen Plumeria requires lots of direct sun and drier conditions most of the year

Aralia plant - various

Aralias plants prefer partial shade /shade in the tropics and they require well-drained soil. They make great interior plants. Aralias grow in a wide variety of leaf forms and coloration

Acalypha Inferno

Height 1m x 1m. Remarkable fast-growing compact variety, with vibrant year-round foliage colour.The more intense the sun, the more colourful the leaves It is widely used in tropical gardens, providing eye-catching foliage contrast to the usual green backdrop try it as mass planting or a low hedge

Graptophyllum pictum -Various

Height 1.5m x1m. come in a wide variety of leaf form and colouration. Grown in part shade. It is intolerant of extended drought and will suffer chilling damage. A well-drained moist soil and good fertility will contribute to strong vegetative growth. Excellent patio container plant. Performs well kept trimmed as a low hedge. It lends a strong tropical flavor to summer landscapes

Dracena -various

Dracenas' come in a variety of leaf colour. The stems or trunks usually are un-branched when young, eventually branching when mature to form spreading, vase-shaped trees.It prefers full sun in good, well drained soil.


Yucca plant’s have striking sword-like leaves that add a distinctive and dramatic look to any landscape area. In spring to summer, they bear pendulous bell- to cup-shaped white or greenish-cream flowers that are sometimes tinted with pink or purple. They will tolerate most soil types, as long as it drains well. They will withstand cold temperature and thrive in full sun. They can survive long periods of drought or in wet conditions. Yuccas can also be grown indoors

Ponytail Palm

Height 6-9m A slow growing, evergreen tree Its palm-like trunk has a massive, swollen base, which may reach 3 m in diameter The trunk tapers upward and then branches, with each branch supporting a dense crown of long, strappy leaves Great as an indoor, patio plant or feature or accent plant It is drought and heat tolerant

Min a Min Mock Orange

Height 1m x 1m Dwarf Murraya Mock Orange. A popular plant year-round, for its fragrance flowers -richly perfumed with the smell of orange blossom, fine foliage, and ease of care. This is a hardy plant, it tolerates full sun to part shade, coastal conditions, and moderate droughts.

Sophora Yomentosa / Silver Bush

Height 3-5m. This is an evergreen shrub or small tree, with an open textured crown and lemon yellow pea shaped flowers. Naturally grows in Queensland on sandy soils. The flowers are known to attract hummingbirds and butterflies.


Height 2m x 1.5m. A bushy shrub with dense foliage. It has vibrant purple bell-shaped blooms with a contrasting yellow throat. A very useful plant in mixed beds or as a low hedge. The plant prefers full sun and well-drained soil, although it will bloom in partial shade

Understand your soil's drainage