Grafted Citrus Fruit Tree

Citrus fruit trees are versatile garden plants that can be grown as hedges, espaliered to decorate walls or pruned into topiary balls or grown in pots on the patio.

The following citrus fruit trees are grafted which means they will fruit earlier, are more vigorous, and stronger growing tree and is more resistant to a range of pest and diseases.


Washington Navel– sweet, juicy, large seedless fruit, April-May

Seedless Valencia-  widely grown, juicy and sweet, Aug-Oct


Emperor– puffy easy peel skin, good flavour, few seeds, ripens winter after Imperial
Imperial– easy peel juicy strong flavour, few seeds, ripens Aut- early Winter.
Hicksons-  Heavy fruiting, superb juicy flavour, medium size fuit and easy peel 
Honey Murcott -Small to medium size fruit, with yellow -orange skin, smooth easy peel skin, it has some seeds, its rich flesh is honey sweet and juicy.


Eureka– large thick skin, strong acid juice great for cooking, fruits all year round
Lisbon- thin skin, good juicy and high acid content, ripens Winter-Spring, thorns
Meyer- small bush, softer skin, juicy, sweeter, less acid, fruits all year round


Tahitian juicy seedless limes, if left on tree to yellow will become more juicy, Aut-winter

Kaffir double lobed leaves used for cooking, fruit has little juicy good for zesting

Finger Limes

Grape Fruit

Rio Red red flesh, sweeter than others, ripen in July Aug, 

Other Citrus