Grafted Stone Fruit

Grafted Avocados

Sheppard– pear shaped green skinned, smooth skin, buttery flesh, fruit Feb-April

Hass -ovid shaped, pebbly skin turns purple when ripe, creamy texture, fruit Sept-Jan

Grafted Mangos

Bowen- Kensington Pride excellent flavour,very juicy, aromatic, Height 10m
R2 E2 sweet fruit, more flesh than seed, slight fibre, mid season, 6-10m
Palmer sweet, smooth, fiberless, Height 2 -5m
Glen sweet, juicy, fibreless, orange pink blush, early summer, 3-4m
Nam Dock Mai green yellow skin, sweet, juicy, fibreless, mid season, 6-10m
Keitt bright green when ripe, fibreless, hint of lemon undertones, Height 2-5m

Tropical Apples

Tropical Apple trees are well suited to Townsville climate.

Anna -produces a sweet-tart, red or green apple early in the growing season. It is a self-pollinating tree, although it produces significantly more apples when it has a pollinator such as the Dorsett Golden.

Dorsett Golden apples are similar in taste to “Golden Delicious” apples,  that produce sweet, yellow apples that ripen in mid-season.

Dwarf Mulberries