Ground Covers

Dianella Longifolia

Australian native. 0.5-1m high x 1m Longifolia has long narrow, flax-like leaves forming tufts, bright blue flowers on branched stems to 1m high followed by attractive blue edible berries.Grows in full sun or part shade, most soil conditions. Fast growing and long lived.

Dianella Ensofolia

1m wide and 1m tall Australian native. The flowers are flat, light yellow with brown markings The flowers only last for one day, but because so many buds are produced the plant is almost always in flower from spring through to summer

Dianella Caerulea

Blue Flax Lily This drought tolerant native grass which forms a nice ornamental tussock. It produces showy seed heads in late Spring. Height 0.2-1m Width 0.3-1m A clumping Australian native grass with strap like leaves, compressed into flat fans. Flowers produced are blue star shaped on long stems in spring and followed by attractive purple berries over summer. Keep well watered. Very hardy and long-lived once established

Mondo Grass

If you're looking for low maintenance, 'grass type' ground cover, and one that does well in shadier or less sunnier parts of the garden try one of the Mondo Grass varieties

Dietes Iridioides / Wild Iris

Height 50cm It has white flowers marked with yellow and violet, with six free tepals that are not joined into a tube at their bases These flowers last only one day The flowers are dainty and each bloom lasts a single morning New flowers open continually during the flowering spell The flowers are similar to those of grandiflora, but smaller, and the leaves are wider, resembling those of bearded iris Do not remove flower stems as they continue to flower for several year

Dietes Bicolour / Yellow Wild Iris

1m wide and 1m tall The flowers are flat, light yellow with brown markings The flowers only last for one day, but because so many buds are produced the plant is almost always in flower from spring through to summer

Ficinia Nodosa

This Australian native has fine, bright green gently weeping rush-like foliage. Will tolerate damp feet and once established, this species is drought tolerant Height up to 1m x 0.5m Trim back to ground level every 2 to 3 years Grow in full sun or as an under-storey

Society Garlic / Tulbaghia Violacea

he strap-like grey-green leaves grow from a dense clump and produces dainty star shaped, lilac mauve flowers Flowering is over a long period from October to April It will tolerate heat and drought and is also fairly cold tolerant It does best in full sun and in well-drained, sandy soil They can be easily grown in containers, great for planting borders and mass planting The edible leaves are used chopped in sauces, soups, salads and as a garnish

Carex Appressa

Height 1m x 1m. A hardy sedge for wet and dry areas Has ornamental landscape applications such as dry river bed gardens, and damp and poorly draining areas of the garden It has rusty/brown flowers and seed heads on stems rising

Liriope Muscari

Height 70cm x 50cm. An evergreen perennial strappy leafed plant sometimes as a lawn substitute in no traffic areas with purple flowers in summer liriope muscari can be suitable for erosion control in some situations This is a clump forming species that does not 'run' or become invasive

Lomandra Hystrix

1 m x 1.5 m Lomandra hystrix naturally grows on the edge of fresh and brackish water creeks, swamps, rivers. Flowers in Spring & Summer with openly arranged yellow flowers It tolerates dry conditions but thrives in moist soils

Lomandra Longifolia

Height 0.5-1m width L. longifolia is suitable for growing indoors in containers as well as outdoors and requires moist soil for growth. Scented flowers in rings on flower spikes

Blue Eyes / Evolvulus Pilosus

Height 15-30cm x 40cm Simple leaves with a silvery tone and rounded bright blue flowers for a long period from summer to autumn and adds a nice contrast to a garden bed.It grows well in hot, dry positions and appears to be very tough once established. It looks great when allowed to tumble over the sides of retaining walls or hanging baskets, as well as a reliable groundcover. Trim to retain its bushiness

Ajuga Reptans

Height 5cm Forms a wide mat of dark green- purple obovate leaves, with erect spikes of dark blue flowers in late spring and early summer. Partial shade to shade. Will scorch in full tropical sun

Golden Sedum

Golden Sedum grows to about four inches in full sun. Sedums are extremely versatile ground covers, make great container plants, and can take extreme drought in a garden setting. While even the poorest soil can nourish sedums, good drainage is the key to growing them.

‘The difference between a flower and a weed is a judgment’.