Indoor / Shade Plants


Cordylines are one plant group that give year round lushness and colour to shady spots shady spots and really compliment tropical plants such as palms. They are water wise plants. to maintain that lush colour add both potash and iron to your fertilser regime.


Philodendrons are beautiful and exotic plants, that can make a dramatic statement in any space. Great for both indoor and outdoor. Varieties include; Hope, Zanadu

Zanzibar Gem

This is a great low maintenance plant very hardy plant. its compact growth and luscious leathery leavee makes this a fabulous indoor pot plant or under-storey filler in the garden

Dieffenbachia / Dumb Canes

A very popular household plant with large showy leaves and the ability to tolerate low light intensities


Aralias grow in a wide variety of leaf forms and coloration. They are great interiorscape plants and are very useful in part shaded areas of the garden.

Ficus Lyrata / Fiddle leaf Ficus

Looking for a striking indoor specimen plant, have a look at the Ficus Lyrate. The plant features very large, heavily veined, and violin-shaped leaves that grow upright on a tall plant.

Fertilizer is not the answer to growing the best plants; soil quality is