Drought conditions and water restrictions have forced Australian gardeners to return to growing reliable drought tolerant native trees, shrubs and grasses like Eucalyptus, Callistemon, Melaleuca, Lomandras

Looking for a hedge or screen? At Woodys our focus is on growing the species that do well in the tropics.

Lillypillies, Murrayas and Ixoras bring in the butterflies and birds to feed on their showy flowers and fruits.

The fruit from the Lillypillies are edilble, plus also make great jams and sauces.


Woody grows a vast array of beautiful Australian native trees and there is one to suit your back yard. For example -The wattles (Acacia species) which provide some fantastically showy yet drought tolerant trees, Eucalypts, Melalucas, Brachychitons.​

Woody grows a range of native, indigenous and excotic shrubs to suit different situations- full sun to part shade

Woody grows a variety of ground cover for both full sun and shaded areas.

Woodys has a selection of plants to suit those dark shaded areas in the garden or for containers on the patios and indoors, plus hanging baskets.

If you were looking for a centerpiece tree, privacy screens, small ones for containers to create a tropical feel by the pool or patio, then consider a Palm tree.

Clumping Bamboo

We grow a variety of clumping bamboo for hedging/screening such as Chineese Dwarf (Bambusa guangxiensi). Malay Dwarf varigated. Timor Black. Gracilis (Bambusa textiles gracilis) Oldhamii (Bambusa oldhamii) are great for a tall privacy screen.


Woody has an interesting selection of Pandanas to enhance any garden

Woody has a selection of grafted citrus and tropical fruit tress through out the year