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Selecting the right tree for your garden is an important decision because, once established, it will be much harder to remove.

There is a tree for ever situation – eg for shade, privacy, feature, or to block the view of the neighbor’s backyard.

Woody grows a variety of advanced sun-hardened trees for every situation.

Click on our stock list and read a description of some of our popular varieties sold here in North Queensland

Evergreen Frangipani

Height 5-6m Width 3-5m One of its great feature as a flowering tree is that the large fragrant flowers appear from December to April and even longer. The frangipani will build up to producing its large, pure white flowers and broad, glossy leaves in adavnce of the flowering season, so how you look after it will have an impact on its flowering. they will flower bigger and better if you spread some fertiliser (eg dynamic lifter) around the drip line during spring and summer

Golden Penda Xanthostemon chrysanthus

Height 4-8m Width 2m North Queensland native. The flowers occur in clusters near the ends of the branches and are bright yellow and very conspicuous Useful as a specimen tree, hedge, windbreak The flower is popular with nectar feeding birds, such as parrots and lorikeets

River Cherry (Syzygium Tierneyanum)

Height 5-8m Width 3-4m This fast growing tree has dense spreading glossy green crown Flushes of red to bronze new growth, and cream flowers that are profuse in summer Followed by red edible berries Makes very good screens, windbreaks and shade trees Bird Attracting, Evergreen, Australian native

Evergreen Ash - Fraxinus Griffithii

Height 6m Width 4m A versatile small tree that is evergreen and produces an attractive floral display in early spring. Flowers are fragrant white and produced in clusters. This species is suitable for use in smaller gardens and parks or for street and avenue usage. It will tolerate a wide range of conditions including coastal gardens

Terminalia Sericocarpa, "Sovereignwood''

Height 6-8m Width 3-4m Flowers are pale green-creamy with a strong smell of honey. Along with the native kapok the Terminalia have seasonal colour rarely seen in the dry tropics. Before they drop their leaves they turn a brilliant red and rusty orange colour. Bird and oak blue butterflies attracting. Makes a great feature tree.

Waterhousea Floribunda

Height 5-10m x 2-6m Australian native bushy tree with a wonderful weeping habit making it perfect for large screening projects or grown as an evergreen weeping specimen tree.Small cluster of white perfumed flowers appear in Spring to mid Summer, followed by pale pink or whiteish edible berries Flower and fruit are bird and insect attracting

Fraxinus excelsior

Height 8-12m x2m Height 7m Width 5m A hardy, attractive, medium-sized very rounded ash tree Suitable shade and sceening tree It provides tough, elastic timber that is widely used for furniture and also used to make tennis racquets and cricket stumps

Native Gardenia / Randia Fitzalani

Height 5m x 2-3m North Queensland native, evergreen tree with dark green glossy foliage. Small clusters of highly perfumed white flowers appear in spring. These are followed by yellow edible fruit. Suitable for containers, for small backyards as a feature tree where the fragrant scent can be enjoyed

TABEBUIA Pallida and Palmeri

Height 5-6m x 4m Tabebuias produce spectacular flowering displays. While their timber is valued elsewhere it is grown in Queensland as an ornamental tree. The Tabebuia makes an excellent shade tree and are fairly low maintenace plant, which can be seen flowering throughout Townsville.

Indian Mast Tree Polyalthia Longifolia

Height 8-12m x2m This is a narrow canopied tree with a tall straight trunk and striking conical columnar habit. The leaves are long, glossy and green and held in downward facing fashion forming a curtain like screen. It produces a small pale green star shaped flower in spring which attracts birds and butterflies. This is an excellent choice when a tall narrow screen is desired.

Hibiscus Tiliaceus ‘Rubra’

Height 6-8m x 5-6m A fast growing medium sized native tree with deep red foliage. Attractive pale yellow flowers in late winter early spring Fast growing with a dense habit, making it suitable for screening, shade or feature tree. Coastal tolerant

Burdekin Plum Pleiogynium Timorense

Height 10-15m Width 3-5m Australian native tree which takes its name from the Burdekin River, where it is found along the banks of the river. t produces a large, purple, fleshy plum-like fruit which are not edible straight from the tree, but need to be held for some days to soften and mellow. Burdekin plum trees have a very decorative blood red colour timber. The strong and versitle wood is much sought for and used in cabinetry and wood turning industry

Tuckeroo -Cupaniopsis Anacardioides

Height 6-10m A medium native tree with a dense, evergreeen wide spreading crown. It bears greenish yellow flowers in spring followed by yellow/orange fleshy berries contained in showy orange seed pods in summer.Its a tough hardy tree that can adapt to difficult sites It is also the food source for the Six Line Blue Butterfly .

Little Evodia/ Melicope rubra/ Evodiella

Height 4-5m x 2-3m Evodiella is a great performer. It grows rapidly into a neat and containable tree. Clusters of bright pink flowers occur along the branches during summer and these are followed by green, citrus-like fruits Birds such as lorikeets and honeyeaters are said to be attracted to this plant. In addition it is one of the food trees for the Ulysses butterfly Prefers well drained soils

Queensland Bottle Tree / Brachychiton Rupestris

Height 8-12m The common name ''Bottle Tree'' refers to the characteristic trunk of the tree which can grow to 4m wide. This swelling is due to water held in its trunk. It will get to 3-5m quickly and then spend many years developing it distinctive bottle shape trunk. The bell shaped yellowish flowers usually form between October and December in clusters at the end of the branches. It is drought resistant that can make surprisingly fast growth if well nourished. It is tolerant of a range of soils and temperatures

Ivory Curl Tree /Buckinghamia Celcissima

Height 5-8m x 3-4m Ivory Curl is one of the most striking Australian Native plants for sheer drama when in full flower. It is perfect as a specimen tree in your garden – it can be topiaried to a lollipop shape, good for screening

Queensland Silver Wattle /Acacia Podalyriifolia

Height 2-6m An upright and spreading shrub or small tree The flowers occur in ball-shaped clusters and are a golden yellow in colour. Flowering is mainly in late winter and early spring and have a sweet, distinct and delicious fragrance. It is very useful as a quick growing screening plant

Illawara Flame Tree /Brachychiton Acerifolius

Height 6-10m An iconic Australian native. The bright red bell-shaped flowers grow in clusters at the end of branches, often after the leaves have dropped, giving the plant a distinctive look. Flame tree leaves feed the caterpillars of some native butterflies, including the Pencilled Blue & Helenita Blue.

Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.